What would happen if…?

After a fabulous few weeks away from the rigours of daily school life, I’m heading in more regularly now as I try to get things organised ahead of the return of both my students (Feb 2) and ERO (shortly thereafter).

As I prepared for the new school year,┬ámy new-ish cellphone decided to develop some kind of electrical tick whereby there now appears on the camera some lovely blue streaks. This technical hitch, according to the Google, is caused by the camera’s sensors not working properly. Yesterday I returned it to a well-known Australian technology chain and they have now sent it away for repair.

This now leaves me without a smart device on me at all times. Yes I have my laptop but that is a rather cumbersome replacement and one does look rather foolish walking around with a laptop in hand attempting to make use of the 2 free wifi spots here in Geraldine.

Being without a device has other negatives. For the life of me I can’t quite ooze them from my fingertips at the present moment, but I’m sure there are many (Clash of clans anyone?).

Of course, there are also positives. I now have plenty more time to do stuff. Not that I don’t enjoy engaging in vast pedagogical discussions with my twitterverse, but that does take time out of your day.

Last night I was asleep by 10.30. Ish.

Having all this extra time has led to my brain wandering off and thinking about stuff.

For example, what would happen if I just removed all the technology from my class for a week? Unannounced. What would happen? How would my students deal with this scenario? How would we learn? How would we engage with each other? How much “spare time” would we have as a class? How would our learning change?

So that is what I am going to do. At some point this term, somewhere near Easter, I’m going to spend a Friday afternoon after school removing every single device from our classroom to see what happens.

This might sound like a bit of a whim, but I believe the richness in learning that is going come from this will far outweigh any flight-of-fancy-ness. And yes… this technological restriction will extend to me and my devices!

I will give everyone the heads up when this happens so that you might follow our progress – probably as an end-of-week recap rather than hourly tweeting about how frustrated we all are at having to converse face to face.

I predict good times for all.

Plus I hope you’re all enjoying trying to re-engage your brains this week.

Ka kite