Update on my to-do list

During the final stages of the #EdchatNZ conference I facetiously blogged this one line to-do list. At the time it was thinking, ‘this would be a hilarious joke – hopefully I’ll get heaps of retweets.’

Quite successful on the sharing stakes but on reflection, although the tweet was born from japery, there is more than just an ounce of truth in it.

How often do we return from a conference with the best of intentions only to get sucked back into the bubble of our classrooms as we become re-swamped with mountains of work, national standards targets and skiing trips to Tekapo (sorry – I had to add that last one in)

It would be so easy for me to let it slide.

They say if you don’t do anything in the first couple of weeks following a conference or some professional development you will never do it. I know that has happened to me following previous uLearn efforts.

My two days in Hobsonville Point have been so utterly mind-blowing I am determined not to let this happen.

This week I have begun the process of change.

So far: I have replaced my one of my display walls. My literacy zone has been replaced with a wall displaying some hand-drawn SOLO taxonomy symbols (I’m replacing my silos with SOLO???).





I am now using the language of SOLO in during maths and literacy and within three days the students are able to use the terminologies, co-constructing a rubric for our writing task and have become quite adept of both in placing themselves on a rubric.

In my efforts to have the kids redesign their room into a learning area which is more conducive to the way that they learn. The first part of this mission was to get in touch with Amy McCauley at Hobsonville Point Primary to have our students ask questions of the students there about their learning.

The fact that we spent 40 minutes trying to, unsuccessfully, to speak via a Google hangout does not matter. There were many moments of hilarity in those 40 minutes. We may have got one question answered. In the end I suggested a collaborative Google doc where the Carew kids could pose some questions and the Hobsonville Point kids could answer.

Those are two actions I have taken since the weekend that changed my life. More will follow.

What’s on your to-do list?



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